When will my order ship out?

Most orders ship within 3 business days of being placed. We ship almost any method you want, from DHL to FedEx and still of course US Mail. We let you choose the cost and transit time. Most packages shipped within the United States can arrive in less than 7 business days. Certain parts of the world can take up to 2-3 weeks. Please be patient.


Do you accept returns?

We do not at this time accept returns.


What happens if my package is lost / stolen?

We are not responsible for lost items, stolen packages, or incorrect shipping addresses. In other words, check your order carefully before finalizing it.


The item was damaged or is defective. Who do I contact?

Email us at: notjustreligiousmusic (at) gmail (dot) com and we will either exchange or refund you for the damaged or defective product. You need to email within 15 days of the order being received in order to be eligible to receive an exchange or refund.


I want to buy music, where do I do that?

Over at our Bandcamp page here. If you want to order physical copies of our records and you live in Europe, make sure you check out Van Records in Germany.


I want to learn more about King Dude, where should I go?

Make sure to like our Facebook page, Instagram page and check both the Not Just Religious Music and King Dude pages.